Let the World know what you live for

As a normal human being like you or me there is always a certain inquisitiveness to know the most unanswered questions of this universe, like who am I? Why am I here? Does god love me? What happens when I die? Such weird questions also arose in the mind of now a Pastor Apostle Felix Ayigbe. He received his call to ministry early in life. This manifested in exceptional community work and devotion, all in preparation for the kingdom ministry and pastoral work. Until one day he finally answered the call in 2004 and got all his answers which had been running in his mind since childhood. They always say you have to be good to serve well.

Pastor Felix Ovietobore Ayigbe is a courteous man with a religious affection for the work of God, soul winning, and prophetic prayers. There are several documented miracles of healing and deliverance i.e. from court cases, financial bondages, faltering relationships to witchcraft bondages that God has worked through his hands. Everything happens with his consent no leave can move without his order.

If you’re living in the Ontario area, we want to invite you to one of our weekly Bible studies. To further your spiritual growth, Pastor Felix believes that God calls some to full-time Christian service. As we equip the Saints, they will respond to God’s calling and will develop a passion and purpose to go forth and fulfill the Great Commission to “go into the entire world and preach the Gospel”

Apostle Felix Ayigbe or Pastor Felix believes as the Bible declares there is something special and holy about life. For Christians, human life is different because we share something of the nature of God.  And that we are all sinners possessing a sin nature. We seek to rescue the sinner with the message of Christ’s love as Christ rescued us. “As many as receive Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name.”

Apostle Felix Ovietobore Ayigbe has devoted his life towards social service and the call of the lord and is helping him to deliver what he has achieved through the passage of time in the name of lord. God created and adores each one of us , so everyone has value be it a new-born, elderly, healthy, ill, useful members of society or in need of care that is what Apostle Felix is been doing with a smile on his face.


2 thoughts on “Let the World know what you live for

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  2. The entire life of Ovietobore Felix Ayigbe is dedicated to the community service and whatever he achieves in his life; he just keeps on moving forward to deliver it to the countrymen and in the name of Lord.

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